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CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure designed to target and shrink stubborn cells, helping patients lose unwanted fat with little to no downtime.

What to Know About CoolSculpting Services

How CoolSculpting Works

Fat cells develop during childhood, only to expand or shrink during adulthood. So, though adults may have lost their baby weight, these pockets of fat cells remain, usually around the face, thighs, abdomen, back, and upper arms. When gaining weight, these cells expand, causing the surrounding area to expand as well. With regular exercise and healthy eating, however, these fat cells shrink — though they never completely disappear.


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    To address these trouble areas, trained CoolSculpting providers use specialized applicators and cryolipolysis technology to remove energy from fat cells, cooling them down in the process. This applicator uses a vacuum seal to gently pull the targeted tissue into a cup fitted with two cooling panels. As the fat cells cool and lose energy, they begin to shrink and eventually die. In the weeks following the procedure, the body begins to identify and remove these dead fat cells, slimming the fatty tissue. Patients usually see measurable, remarkable results within 2-4 months of the CoolSculpting procedure, experiencing a 20-25% reduction in the targeted fatty areas.

    Why Should I Choose CoolSculpting?

    Ease and simplicity

    Unlike many fat removal procedures, CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive. No matter where the fat is located or how many areas are treated, patients can enjoy a quick procedure with limited side effects. In fact, many patients resume their daily activities immediately following their CoolSculpting treatment.

    Reduced health risks

    CoolSculpting’s cryolipolysis technology is designed to affect and eliminate fat cells only. While other treatments, such as those involving surgeries, lasers, and radiofrequency, can damage the surrounding tissue, CoolSculpting minimizes these health risks. Instead, patients enjoy a quick, harmless procedure with little-to-no recovery time and a quick return to regular activities.

    Dependable and long term

    While CoolSculpting helps patients achieve their ideal body, it is not a tool for weight loss. Rather than simply shrinking your fatty tissue, this powerful procedure noticeably reduces a significant portion of these cells. By partnering with healthy habits to reduce these unwanted fat bulges, CoolSculpting works with patients to achieve and retain amazing results.

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    What are the common side effects?

    CoolSculpting’s non-invasive techniques prevent any significant effects, allowing you to quickly return to your normal activities. Some patients experience redness that lasts for a few minutes to a few hours in the treated areas. Others have reported bruising or swelling, which cleared within a few weeks. You may also experience a temporary lack of sensation in the treated areas, which can last from 1 to 8 weeks.

    How do I know if CoolSculpting is a good fit for me?

    Ideally, patients should be fairly fit with modest-sized fat bulges that are unaffected by diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is best for patients looking for fat reduction without the use of surgery.

    How is CoolSculpting different from other procedures?

    Rather than removing fatty tissue through painful surgery, CoolSculpting works with your body to reduce fat and support your healthy lifestyle. As the #1 non-invasive cosmetic procedure, CoolSculpting offers incredible results without health risks, dangerous side effects, and long recovery times. Instead, patients can quickly move on with their daily schedules and enjoy a body that reflects their hard work and healthy choices.

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