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How Do I Get Healthy Glowing Skin Naturally in a Few Weeks?

Tired of your acne breakouts? Want to find a way to diminish your age spots? People of any age or gender – and with any type of skin – can benefit from regular dermatology treatments. And if you’re looking to restore your skin’s youthfulness and get that healthy glow in the shortest amount of time possible, here are a few things you might consider trying.

Use High-Quality Skin Care

The primary staples of a great skincare routine include a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer formulated for your specific skin type. If you’re in your mid-twenties or beyond, it’s a good idea to be using an anti-aging skin care line. A high-quality product line won’t clog your pores, so look for the word “non-comedogenic” on every product label. Generally, an alcohol-free toner is gentlest on the skin. Use a moisturizer – either water-based or oil-based, depending on what your skin responds best to.

Additional products that can make sure your skin care is packing a punch could include a lifting serum, a firming eye cream, and an exfoliator of some sort, like an at-home microdermabrasion product. All of these products combined and used regularly can lead to natural glowing skin fast.

Get a Facial

Regardless of how thorough your skin care routine is, you almost certainly will benefit from receiving a regular facial treatment at a dermatologist’s office. Why? Because the special tools and products used – like a steamer, an extraction tool, or a mildly abrasive microdermabrasion – can penetrate the skin at a deeper level.

The HydraFacial is a more advanced type of treatment using patented Vortex-Fusion technology – or a vacuum technology – plus hydrating serums to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. This treatment can effectively dislodge impurities while locking in the skin’s moisture. Keeping skin hydrated means keeping skin looking young.

Try a Chemical Peel

Regularly exfoliating the skin is critical if you’re looking for how to get glowing skin naturally. Exfoliation removes surface-level impurities and encourages cell turnover, so rejuvenated skin cells are able to grow. Exfoliating also promotes collagen and elastin production beneath the surface of the skin, which contribute to skin’s firmness. A chemical peel can be a great option for those seeking rejuvenation treatments that will give them healthy, glowing skin fast.

Chemical peels are safe, surface-level treatments that act as chemical exfoliants on the skin. The formulation used can be tailored to a depth appropriate for your skin type and concerns. This special chemical solution removes the top layer of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other debris that – when combined together – can lead to clogged pores, acne breakouts, and even dull, tired skin.

Always choose a knowledgeable and experienced skin care provider like a licensed dermatologist when working on one of your best assets: your glowing skin!

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