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Is Dermaplaning Good for Your Skin?

Dermaplaning is a revolutionary hair removal and skin rejuvenation technique that has taken the dermatology world by storm. Let’s talk about this cosmetic treatment in detail and explore how it can help your skin look smoother, brighter, and more youthful after just one treatment!

What Is Dermaplaning?

A combination of hair removal and manual exfoliation, dermaplaning has become increasingly popular over the past few years for good reason. After all, exfoliation is a vital part of a high-quality skin care routine, and smooth, hairless skin is very desirable.

During a dermaplaning treatment, an aesthetician, dermatologist, or other skin care specialist will utilize a specialized tool called a dermatome. This tool is akin to an electric razor or finely edged scalpel. During the treatment, the provider gently and skillfully glides the selected tool across the skin. This removes the tiny hairs known as vellus hairs – commonly called “peach fuzz.” This is a popular option for the face, especially those darker hairs that commonly show up on the chin, cheeks, and upper lip.

A wide variety of people can benefit from dermaplaning treatments – especially those looking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, treat acne breakouts, minimize the effects of scarring, and even out their skin tone. Anyone who’s feeling particularly concerned about darker vellus hair – men and women alike – can use this treatment to give their self-confidence a boost. The only people who should avoid or limit dermaplaning treatments are those with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Is dermaplaning good for your skin? You bet! In addition to removing the vellus hair, this treatment also gets rid of two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells. That top layer of dead skin – as well as the bacteria, oil, dirt, and other debris that accumulates – is what causes issues like dull, tired-looking skin or clogged pores that lead to acne breakouts.

Plus, with removal of these skin cells, fresh skin cell growth is promoted. With these fresh skin cells comes increased production of collagen and elastin, which help with skin’s bounciness. And that means firmer, brighter, more youthful-looking skin, as well as diminished signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots, and scarring.

Dermaplaning makes an excellent addition to a high-quality anti-aging skin care routine. Typically, dermatologists recommend patients receive a dermaplaning treatment roughly once per month for the most optimal results. Each treatment costs around $150 to $250 and is not something covered by insurance. However, this anti-aging, non-invasive cosmetic treatment is still significantly less costly than injectables like Botox, Dysport, or dermal fillers.

What Else to Know About Dermaplaning

Fortunately, dermaplaning has few (if any) side effects. The treatment only takes about 30 minutes and requires zero downtime, making it a great option for the busiest folks constantly on the go. Irritation is not a common side effect, but if some minor redness does occur, this usually clears up within a few hours after treatment. Occasionally, some mild swelling might take place after a dermaplaning treatment, but this should also disappear within two days at most.

Once patients receive a dermaplaning treatment, they can reduce their risks of irritation by avoiding any type of additional exfoliation for three to five days prior to their appointment. If swelling or redness occurs, a cold compress can help reduce it. Dermaplaning aftercare does involve the application of SPF 30 or above to protect the newly exposed skin cells, and direct sun exposure is best avoided to eliminate the risk of burning.

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