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What Is the Alex Trivantage Laser Treatment?

Dermatology laser treatments have soared in popularity over the years due to their effectiveness. There are a variety of different laser treatments for all sorts of skin concerns, including hair removal, rosacea treatment, stretch mark reduction, and more. If you’re currently dealing with skin discoloration from sun exposure, have a tattoo you’d like to get rid of, or need mole removal treatment, the Alex Trivantage Laser Treatment is the laser therapy choice for you! Here’s why.

What to Know About Trivantage Treatment

What Does the Alex Trivantage Laser Treat?

The Alex Trivantage treatment is a laser system that dermatologists use to remove tattoos and to treat pigmented lesions such as sun and age spots, freckles, moles, and birthmarks. Many people experience skin discoloration from sun exposure, which can include non-cancerous moles and freckles, dark spots, or melasma. Melasma is a pigment condition that causes patches of discoloration, typically occurring on the chin and around the lips, or on the cheeks or forehead.

Another increasingly common request in dermatology offices is the removal of unwanted tattoos. There are many different reasons someone might want a tattoo removed. Some people get tattoos when they’re younger and later wish to remove them because they’ve lost their significance. Others have gotten tattoos that were associated with a person or relationship that is no longer part of their life. Whatever the reason for the tattoo removal, the Alex Trivantage Laser Treatment can achieve the outcome.

How Does the Alex Trivantage Laser Work?

The Alex Trivantage acts as a laser mole removal treatment or tattoo removal treatment with very effective results. It is extremely safe and has the unique ability to target and eliminate only the pigmented area of the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. This means that the laser beam will target the tattoo or lesion without harming the surrounding skin. However, some patients may experience a temporary discoloration or redness at the treatment site, so it’s important to follow after-care instructions post-treatment to ensure the best results.

The Alex Trivantage Laser treats multicolor tattoos, melasma, freckles, birthmarks, and other pigmented areas using three nanosecond pulsed wavelengths. Treatments typically take less than 20 minutes per session, making this laser therapy extremely convenient for busy schedules. This laser is very gentle and minimizes the risk of “hot spots” or burning, bruising, or skin texture changes due to tissue damage.

While results can be seen often after one session, typically, at least two to three treatment sessions are required for full results. This will depend on what is being treated — freckle removal will take fewer treatment sessions than a highly pigmented multicolor tattoo removal, for instance. Your doctor can talk to you about the specifics of your treatment needs.

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